The Best Phone Holder To Choose For Your Car In The Upcoming Year (2023)

By Ati Põldkivi / Friday, October 7th, 2022

“Big brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google, along with many others, have flooded the market with their newest smartphone releases, making it the perfect time to dig deep into phone mounts. Countless options exist, and choosing the right one is not the most straightforward task.”









We’ll be going through:

  • The two main types of phone cradles
  • Their Pros and Cons
  • Which one to choose, depending on your preferences
  • Common Questions & Answers

If that sounds good, read this guide until the end. (or watch the video if it suits you better.

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There Are Two Main Types Of Phone Mounts Available On The Market:

Regular Mounts

further subgrouped into Magnetic and Spring-Loaded mounts.

Wireless Charging Mounts

further subgrouped into MagSafe and Universal types.

“We’ll get you up to speed on the regular ones first, but if you’re more interested in wireless charging mounts, you can skip this part entirely.”


This type has multiple tiny neodymium magnets and requires a metal plate installed on the phone, on the case, or inside the case. These little (but strong) magnets then latch onto the plate, ensuring a firm hold. However, some protective phone covers aren’t compatible. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Cases that have a textured surface.
  • Cases that are made of Silicone.
  • With thick cases, the plate MUST be installed on the outside.
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Mechanical MOUNTS

These are simpler in theory. They work with clamps that hug the phone when it’s placed inside. Some require a hands-on approach, while others skip this by utilizing gravity to get the clamps to close in. These are bulkier, taking up more space in the interior, and finding a high-quality one is not easy.

Everyday usage wears these out quicker than magnetic mounts, as this type contains moving parts more prone to breaking down. Nevertheless, this type is still a solid pick.

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Wireless MOUNTS

Mounts that have Qi wireless charging built-in are becoming increasingly common. It’s an excellent way to skip the cable fuss and keep your phone battery up throughout the day. Most of them are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

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“Unless you’re on a budget or rocking an older phone which doesn’t support wireless charging, then there’s no reason for you not to pick one of these.”


If you have an iPhone model 12, 13, or 14. Then your phone has the MagSafe array inside it. This makes any MagSafe Wireless Mount a no-brainer pick for you! The hold strength is just as powerful as if you were using a standard magnetic mount without having to install a plate or anything else.

But beware, if you’re using a phone case that does not support MagSafe, then this won’t work unless you remove the case or upgrade it to one that is MagSafe compatible.

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There’s also the possibility of installing a MagSafe sticker on your phone if you’re an Android or older iPhone user. Placed precisely in the middle of the phone, after a few hours, when the adhesive has reached optimal strength, it ensures compatibility. 

Universal (Wireless)

These are much like regular Spring-Loaded mounts, with the difference being that they can also wirelessly charge. Surprise, surprise? As long as your phone supports Qi-based wireless charging, this is a solid option.

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“Unless you’re on a budget or rocking an older phone which doesn’t support wireless charging, then there’s no reason for you not to pick one of these.”